Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

In the interest of finishing out the year with nothing left hanging, I faxed my cancer policies the itimized bill for the first three chemotherapies: $52,000. They should be happy to see those!

My other big accomplishment was getting some groceries in before I fall victim to chemo #6 on Wednesday.

Presently the cats are levitating due to the fireworks that the rednecks are shooting off for New Years. They started about 10PM. Evidentally many of them do not own watches.

I personally am hoping for a good 2008. My goal is to become NED in 2008. NED is the cancer shorthand for "no evidence of disease." Which is doctor-speak for "we can't find any, but damn if we'll say you're cured." I hope you and those you love have a happy, prosperous and loving 2008.

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