Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holy Smokes!!

I got the enumerated bill for the first three rounds of chemotherapy. It's pretty interesting!

I get 3 different drugs: one costs $660 per treatment, one costs $1224 per treatment and the last one is (get this) $6786 per treatment. The total cost for all medical billing related to the oncologist as of 11/13/07 is $52,242. I am DEFINITELY a high maintenance woman these days!

I got a massage today, but the one last week really, really, really made a huge difference in the pain in my back. I'm so glad that whatever was causing that problem is getting worked out. I'm not nearly as cranky when I'm not in so much pain.

I am profoundly thankful that the farthest I have to drive for Thanksgiving tomorrow is about 0.25 mile to Jenn and Eric's. I see the traffic hassle on the tv and am so happy that I don't have to go be a part of that. Having all my family all consolidated in one place is wonderful.

My coup of the day is that I got Betty some sandals she likes, and she let me out the door with her ancient huarache sandals that make her shuffle and look like a bag lady. She may wake up tomorrow and demand them back, but for right now, I have them, and if she doesn't have a fit about it, they are going in the TRASH in the next week. You have no idea what a momentous thing this is!!!!!

Resting now. Looking forward to some of Mike's dressing tomorrow and some of Eric's turkey and some of Sissy's chocolate pie and of course some of Mike's ambrosia. It will be nummy.

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Susan said...

Wow, you are high maintenance! I hope you have a great turkey day, and glad you don't have to travel far. Happy Thanksgiving!