Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MD Anderson Update

UnitedHealthcare has very promptly provided me with what I need to begin getting everything ready for me to go out there (Houston, TX). I've received travel expense forms, and special ID cards, and I've submitted an electronic referral to MD Anderson. I expect that I will hear from them in the near future (they say within the next 24 hours).

I have a distinct lack of FUN in my life these days. I thought about it and went by a local artist's studio today and have arranged to take a weekly class in pottery. I actually met this local artist W A Y, W A Y back when I was doing my bachelor's degree at West Georgia. She and I were both nontraditional students and would sometimes get together. I figure it's something I can do while sitting down. She's flexible about what times I stop by the studio based on my puny chemo-weakened system's ability or lack thereof.

I'm dogging three different insurance companies. One is my disability policy, and the other two are cancer policies. I have to say my medical insurance has been awesome so far. The cancer policies are being so thorough in investigating all the details of my finding and getting the diagnosis of cancer, and the previous two years of medical treatment, that I'm getting frustrated with their lack of a decision. I think one of the two finally has all they need, and I will nag them tomorrow! The other... I dunno. I have to just hope I'm getting closer.

My labs are showing that my body is doing well with the chemo. Today was a check day for me at the oncologist. Next week will be dose #3, but I feel good about it because the poison is getting to the tumor. I know because I have seen it for myself that's it's shrinking it. Ooooo Rahhhh!


Susan said...

The pottery class sounds like fun! I am glad you are feeling up to getting out and having some fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your art.

~mariah said...

hugs to you, Ann in GA. i live 90 minutes away from MDAnderson.I have a friend whose husband had advanced stage brain cancer.HIs situation looked very bad!But he had surgery & treatments at MDA & is now back at work.I'm glad you will be going to MDA...I'm sending healing green energy in your direction!
this is my first day to visit your blog... blessings on your journey!