Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Little Stronger

I'm not boasting because I'm still very much a limp noodle, but I'm back to getting stronger each day. I can do one constructive thing in the morning, and then rest and sit up and have a nice bit of social time at dinner time. That's about it.

Today's surprise was that when I was showering this morning, the little bit of bottle-brush-like hair that stood at attention after the buzz cut, decided that most of it would let go today. So there I was in the shower and there was this snow-fall of short little hairs that just let go. It was startling, and not unexpected. What was unexpected was how long my follicles held on! I'm surprised that it took this long for the hair to let go. The line between my face that has had sun on it since 1951, and the dome which hasn't seen the light of day since about 1952 when I got hair, is very dramatic! Talk about white!!!!!! There are still about 1/10th of the normal amount of follicles that are still holding on for dear life, but I don't give them much hope for a very long future.

I'm excited because this coming weekend, I get to go see the Dalai Lama at Emory, as well as some other eminent speakers. I never thought I'd get to see, hear, be in the presence of such a special soul. I'm thankful to Eric who's fingers on the computer and apparently endless patience, made this event possible. I'm a little worried about being able to sit up for such a long time, but somehow, someway it will work out. By this weekend, I'll be even a little stronger! Look here to see the monks making the Dalai Lama's mandala in preparation of his visit. It's cool.


Calypso said...

Having had the incredible experience of being around a holy person (Baba Muktananda in the 1970s) myself, I can assure you that the energy you will experience will be ever so beneficial.The Dalai Lama is one of those exceptional enlightened beings who will uplift anyone who wanders in his orbit.
Enjoy this Ann, you will be amazed!
And also, I'm still reading your blog every day, and rooting for you. Although you are such a strong and sensible person, you're doing just great!

Susan said...

What an opportunity you have! I hope your energy is up by then, take it easy and rest up so you can endure!