Thursday, September 13, 2007

SNB & Tumor Biopsy in the AM

The only way to get some indications on the stage of the cancer is to get the Sentinel Node Biopsy now, before the chemo can "sterilize" the lymph nodes. A SNB will help me know if the cancer has spread to my blood stream. It's not definitive, but it'll help direct treatment. One interesting side effect is that the dye that is used to assist the surgeon to find the sentinel node, can sometimes reside in the breast for up to a year. As the dye is a blue color, I have heard of women living as part Smurf for a while. Others are luckier and are able to excrete the dye through the urinary system. I'm hoping to be in the latter group. No show-and-tell if I'm part Smurf though! This procedure is done under general anesthesia. They threw me out of the hospital so fast after my last procedure, it's going to be interesting to see how conscious I have to be to leave this time. Last time I had to be alert enough to stand briefly to pull up my drawers, and that was adequate to release me to go home!

Many thanks to Miss A. who was kind enough to know today was a hard day at work, and made sure I felt wrapped in love from the start of the day. She has made sure I will be wrapped in the most lovely scents and have something uplifting to read for the next while. Angels come to us in many forms and times. Thanks for being my angel today, Miss A.

Must go sleep now to get ready for tomorrow. All will be well. I agree with Maxine's assessment of my problem, in her picture at the head of this installment.

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