Friday, September 07, 2007

Local Interest Story

Well it appears my silly idea of raffling off the opportunity to cut off my hair has caught the interest of the local paper. A reporter asked for an interview with me. My hope is that if they do a story, they'll emphasize everyone doing timely mammograms and PSA testing (for the gentlemen) so that others can avert themselves from the experience I'm having presently. And, maybe someone else will be encouraged to give to Locks of Love. Who knows?

My daughter and I went to a local jewelry establishment today and bought a BUNCH of larger and more overstated earings that I can wear when I have no hair to show off my femininity. Curly of the Three Stooges would not wear earings, so I'm hoping that'll be the give-away that I'm really a girl when I don't have hair to give a hint about my identity. Hair is such a vital part of a woman's feminity. I'm just looking for other ways to be girly without being too gaudy. Classy but feminine can still be achieved without hair, I hope.

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