Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm So Proud

I'm so excited that students from Mrs. A's class are already selling tickets for the "Cut for the Cure." I was surprised today when someone asked me if I'd seen the promo spot on HCHS TV? Well, no.....the room I'm in during 2nd block doesn't have cable access, and yesterday the dear fellows who were trying to tape me were having huge technical issues, so I didn't think they got it. I was surprised. But students are running around at lunch and they're collecting money. I'm excited beyond belief that Relay for Life will benefit from my misfortune.

Friday, September 14th I get the Sentinel Node Biopsy AND another core biopsy of the tumor. The following week I get my first chemo. I'll be setting that appointment up tomorrow.

From date of diagnosis to first treatment will be right at six weeks. I wish we could be pelting the enemy within by now, but.... it is not to be just yet.

Anyone out there interested in donating 10-inches of hair to Locks of Love along with me? I was so impressed today when several young ladies offered up the information that they'd already done it. One of them had done it twice!

I know this is a strange way to cope, but it really makes me feel elated that somehow in the midst of my horror other people can benefit. That is my gift back (by way of the hands of many others) at a time when I have little control over much of anything in my life.

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